Wanted: metal bottle caps

It all started innocently enough. I thought I'd turn my hand to making some mosaics this summer. While I am rarely associated with anything remotely creative or arty, my friends are and they assured me mosaics are within my abilities. The bit where it went a bit pear shaped was when I started considering the opportunities to use recycled or reused materials for the mosaics. Quite simply, the possibilities are endless. So I am still intending to learn (and hopefully complete) some mosaics this summer, but I've scored an idea for another project as well.

You see I came across the work of some very clever folk who have turned metal bottle caps (beer stubby lids and the like) into art, and I'm also keen to give that a go. For those who need some visuals, see here (delightful series of fish), here (insane number of lids in each piece), here (portrait in lids), here (on the side of a house), here (chameleon from a zillion lids) and here (painted caps on print).

The collection begins ... with some help from some friends

Rest assured my efforts are likely to be far simpler than any of these!

Bottle caps aren't accepted as part of household recycling collections (in our area). The reasons being that they 1) get caught on the back of the sorting machinery, causing expensive problems if not cleared out regularly; 2) can't be baled with the other metals (tin cans and the like), so they don't make it to the recyclers and 3) the little plastic bit inside adds an extra degree of difficulty if you're recovering them for the metal.

Beer lids have long annoyed me as something that felt like they should be re-useable, so I am pleased to have a project that might find a 'use' for some of them. Please feel free to collect your lids and I'll be happy to take them off your hands. Or go one better and show me what I should be aspiring to by creating your own beer-lid masterpiece.

Build-It Bloke thinks it's great - he says he's supporting the cause by drinking more beer.

What am I going to make? I don't know yet. I'll see what colors (and how many!) lids I can muster and take it from there ... stay tuned.