Bill Busters success

Well done to all the participants and the organisers of the Bill Busters energy challenge. For those who missed it, Bill Busters was a public challenge involving four households in Albury-Wodonga. The participants had a home energy assessment to help them better understand their energy use and identify ways to reduce it. They were set a challenge to reduce their use by 20% for the 2-month challenge. Their progress was tracked by reading their gas and electricity meters. 

As part of the project, Bill Busters also hosted two free public information sessions. One focussed on home energy use, understanding electricity bills and how to reduce them. The other covered various approaches to reducing the energy consumption of home swimming pools. Both sessions were well attended.

The Border Mail featured four articles covering the challenge (see below). Click on the pictures to read the articles in full. Please be patient, they are large files and may take a little while to load.

It’s also interesting to note that Bill Busters was a joint project that brought together our local paper (the Border Mail), local government (Wodonga Council), a state government agency (Vic Department of Planning and Community Development) and a local community group (WATCH - Wodonga and Albury Towards Climate Health). That collaboration alone is well worth celebrating ... the success of the whole project makes for very sweet icing on the cake!

Meet the Participants - Sat 9 OctThe assessment reports - Sat 30 Oct

Participants taking action - Sat 27 Nov

The results - Sat 1 Jan