Green festive season ideas

The silly season is upon us and you could be forgiven for thinking sustainability is destined to be thrown by the wayside in the rush. It needn't be. In case you're after some inspiration, here are my picks for ways to incorporate sustainability into the festive season.

The Ethical Consumer Group, who publish the wonderful Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping each year, have an Ethical Christmas Resource Kit covering food, gifts, decorations, lights, trees and a whole lot more. Access it online at

Environment Victoria have a great Festive Season Guide that's well worth a look at

In their words ... "this handy guide will help you hold onto the good bits of the silly season, while being a little gentler on the planet. It’s still about having a great time with plenty of food and presents, but without all the waste. Because when you remember what your priorities are, it’s actually surprisingly easy".

And if you're still up for more suggestions, try Planet Ark's festive guide, which includes giving green gifts; re-using cards and wrapping paper; reducing your water and energy use; food; travel and holidays and even new year's resolutions to consider. Download the PDF at

And keep an eye on this Saturday's Living Lightly column in the Border Mail (and here). One of Santa's helpers tells me it will feature a reflection on the festive season and practical tips on sustainable gift giving.