Seedy Saturdays

As you may know, the Hume Murray Food Bowl Farmers' Market organisers have created an opportunity for community groups to have a stall at the markets on the Causeway, Wodonga. The spot can be booked for just one market or a couple, by groups and for events that promote sustainable living.

What you may not know is that Seed Savers Albury Wodonga were at the most recent market (August 6th). And, they'll be there again at the next two markets (August 20th and September 3rd).

A band of seedy characters (that's a compliment!) will be there:

  • explaining what the group does and why it's relevant 
  • offering discount memberships (August special of $15 for the year, which includes dips into the seed bank, workshops and newsletter); and
  • selling seeds collected by members.

There was such a good response last market that the seed for the stall needed replenishing. On the Saturday between markets an eager team of about 15 gathered to package up more seeds.

Packing and labelling

Seed packets in their display box ... filling in the gaps to be ready for the market.

If you're planning your spring and summer vegetable plantings (or fruit, herbs or companion plants), perhaps consider including some locally saved, open-pollinated and heirloom varieties in your garden?  What's more, you'll be able to save the seed for future seasons and maybe also put some back into the seed bank for others to share.

For more information about Seed Savers Albury Wodonga send an email to