Sustainable House Day - Sun 11th Sept 2011

The disappointing news is that The Border Eco-Living Program are not opening any homes in Albury Wodonga for this national event this year due to unforeseen circumstances that occured late in our planning for the event.

The good news is that means we can be visitors at other houses and see what else is on offer regionally!

The Wangaratta Sustainability Network have put together a wonderful mix of offerings for the event. I, for one, will certainly be making the most of the opportunity to take a squiz. They will open four homes in and around Wangaratta, as well as the Wangaratta Eco-Living Centre (a converted community centre dedicated to education around sustainable living in various forms).



Regular readers may recognise Mary Anderson's home among the Wang offerings. Also note that those with bikes could easily get to three of the openings very comfortably on two wheels from central Wangaratta (and what a great way to act sustainably, not just 'see' it!). You could make a trip of it and include all five, if you wished.

For more information, visit the national event site ( where you can find the details for more than 300 homes across Australia that will open on Sunday. The Wangaratta Sustainability Network website provides more detail about each of the openings they are co-ordinating, including the key features as well as the full address of each location. Keep an eye out for Saturday's Living Lightly column, too, which will also have details about the Wangaratta event.

Sustainable House Day homes and ancillary events will be on offer across Australia from 10am to 4pm on Sunday 11th of September. Entry to all homes is FREE.

Perhaps we'll see some of you in Wang on Sunday?