Joel Salatin visit

More than a week after Joel Salatin's workshop at the National Environment Centre, thoughts about his talk and the myriad of ideas it continues to generate keep popping into my head! Don't take that the wrong way - it's wonderful. Although I'd read, heard and watched quite a lot of Joel's material in the past, it was a treat to hear from him in person, with the opportunity to ask questions and clarify. 

Joel Salatin - passionate and inspiring ... seen here demonstrating the chicken waltz :)

For those who missed it, you may like to check out a local blogger's post about the event here. If you haven't visited The Good Life Down Under blog before, it is fantastic - so do take a look around the whole lot while you're there.

The folks at Milkwood Permaculture and RegenAG put together an extensive list of links and further reading as well as reports on Joel's visit to Jamberoo - see here.

With thanks again to those at the National Environment Centre and North East Catchment Management Authority who discovered an opportunity in Joel's Australian tour schedule and pulled this event together very quickly yet efficiently, just weeks before it happened.





Some of the 150 attendees at the session