Permi8 at Penny's

Our November permi8 gathering, scheduled to be in Eldorado, was rained out. But a smaller group had a very pleasant brunch in West Albury instead, and had a wander through Penny and Peter's garden between rounds of muffins, dips, scones and goodies.

We admired the veg beds (well, the whole garden, in truth!), discussed woody mulches, sought out the pest that's been eating their young passionfruit plant, made suggestions for filling the gorgeous ponds from downpipes, checked out their recent works to improve the thermal performance of the living areas, exchanged stories about the rain and compared notes as to how our gardens in general are doing!

Here's hoping we'll see more permi8 people at our final gathering of the year in December ... although by then the silly season will be well and truly with us. It seems everyone is flat-out now - can't imagine what it will be like by then.