What is a Permi8 update?

Well it started as a bit of an e-newsletter to share ideas and pictures of what's been happening in my world, with members of the "Permi8" group. I've also passed these updates on to others I think might find them of interest. This time I'm experimenting with posting online, rather than emailing out a large pdf.

But what the heck is Permi8? Well, we began as members of a permaculture class ... who, when the course finished, were keen to keep catching up socially to share our experiences in trying to live more sustainably. Since then others have joined in, and we like the idea of sustainability 'permeating' through the community, so we have the attitude 'the more the merrier'!

We usually meet about once a month at someone's house to check out what they are up to, contribute our collective wisdom to problem solving and/or be inspired by their efforts. We chat by email between gatherings to share resources we've come across, to seek opinions from the group when faced with a challenge, to commiserate when things don't work out (don't ask how many emails include sentiments about "effing fruit flies") and to keep informed about local events and other related interest groups.