Sewer replacement - prep, prep, prep

Built-It Bloke often says that tackling projects around here is like painting a house. That is, 

How well a project works out is 80% about the preparation 
and 20% how you do the rest of the job. 

So, before we add a shade structure to the western side of the house, concrete along that side, plant more shade trees out the front and provide an even better outside run for the cats, we need to upgrade the sewer along there from earthenware to PVC pipe. It is required by Council, but it also makes sense, given the projects at hand.

Rest assured the preparations to actually do the replacement are extensive!

Here's how it looked when he started ... with cat run in the foreground (view from the back, left) and from the street end (right).

Under the tarp were floor boards, which have been moved to the front verandah, blocking access to the front door. Boy, is Build-It Bloke looking forward to having a shed, instead of constantly moving things from one place to another and back again.

With that done, things still weren't as simple as you would hope. We are forever finding old walls, garden beds and all manner of former infrastructure that has been discarded and built over or buried. This project was no different.

So far he's uncovered a huge stump (and removed it), a concrete wall parallel to the house and another concrete slab, step and small retaining wall near the verandah.

 So, here's where it's up to. Ready for the mini-excavator to dig the trench.                     


Oh, and in case you're wondering how the cats are coping with the removal of their run and its access tunnel, I think you'll agree that winter in a warm lounge room has them quite relaxed about it.