Bit bleak in winter?

I can't say I've been enjoying our winter weather much. Foggy mornings, the cold*, short days ... they just aren't my favorite.
* I know, it's all relative, but it's cold to me.

Herb RobertPerhaps it's being compounded by the stage we're at with projects here. As well as being a bit bare thanks to the deciduous trees and general winter slow down, we've had to remove some trees and shrubs in preparation for various projects. (Stay tuned for updates on the shed and sewer preparations). I know it will improve again once we can work around the new structures, but for now it's a bit visually challenging!

The good news is that we've planted some additional trees for shade in places that aren't scheduled for squishing in the near future. The soil moisture seems too good to miss out on. Hopefully they can get established while the going's good. We've added more pears, two persimmons, a white mulberry and a medlar. We had been thinking about ornamentals, but hopefully these guys will do an equivalent job for summer shade (and winter light), but with the potential bonus of fruit with a bit of care and attention.

Oh, and just to reassure me that it's not all bleak ... the herb robert has been prompting smiles for weeks as I pass it and admire its dainty purple flowers.