Pub theme in our re-use?

Our brickie neighbour alerted us to some secondhand bricks he thought may be suitable for our shed. Build-It Bloke did some negotiating, followed by several hours of moving and stacking, and we now have 5,000 bricks in a 'wall' just outside the back door! No, it's not intentionally a feature, we're just short on storage space. For the record, it's about 2.5 metres high, 3.6m long and 1.2m deep. The clothesline, formerly in that space, has been relegated to near the bottom of the block.


Interestingly the bricks came from Soden's [an Albury pub], which is currently being renovated. I say interestingly because they'll be in good company when they become the skin for our shed, as we have quite a few other re-used items from local drinking spots.

Our outdoor furniture includes former pokie chairs from the 'Garro' [Garrison Hotel, Lavington - now the Northside Hotel]. Build-It Bloke couldn't help but adopt a few of them when he worked on the renovations there. Incidentally, it's hard to find a more comfy chair than those designed to allow you to spend hours in front of the machines! Oh, and our (admittedly old and clunky) air conditioner that we use when the summer gets really roasting came from there too. It was from one of the guest rooms.

We've got red gum shelves that came from the Culcairn pub renovation a few years back. Our shelves were scraps in a pile for firewood prior to being rescued for their current application. Yup, Build-It Bloke was on the job there, too.

And I made garden edging from some decking offcuts left over from Paddy's [another Albury pub] outside extension, a year or two ago. Oh, and waiting to go into the shed are some lights that were also recovered from that job. You guessed it, Build-It Bloke contributed to that project.

Great huh? We've found ways to re-use materials that may otherwise have gone to waste AND our 'new' features already have their own stories.