Beer box rainwater diversion

The rainwater tanks are full and the ground is saturated. It still seems an unusual problem to have (drought-think is still with us), but with no way to store the recent rain for future use, we have needed to divert it into the stormwater system. Rather than collect all the rain from the roof into the tank and let it overflow from there, we thought we'd direct some of it to the stormwater drain at the front of the house. (Usually any overflow from the tank is directed to the mini-orchard trees, or if they are saturated, as they are now, we can direct it to the stormwater out the back). We have a system for diverting the main down pipes, but what to use for the smaller ones?

Enter beer slab cardboard packaging. We used it to cover the 'leaf eaters' that usually prevent leaves entering the pipes and tank. The water runs off them, onto a hard surface below that drains to the storm water system.


 Here are the selling points the beer companies have yet to capitalise on:

  • Easily installed and removed
  • Eco-friendly disposal: suitable for composting, adding to a worm farm or household recycling collection (depending on the condition)
  • Available in a range of colors and price points
  • Can be sized to suit various rainwater fixtures
  • Bonus slab of BEER with every cardboard diverter (aka carton) purchased

Ours are even held in place by the downpipe (no tools required!) and have existing creases that fit the shape of the leaf eaters.

Ok, yes, other cardboard and lots of other materials would do. But hey, that's not nearly as fun. Another downpipe has a fetching green Cascade box, so be sure to consider your favoured flavour, too!