Trench survives downpour

I did dare to challenge Murphy's Law, and I wasn't disappointed.

Although Build-It Bloke and his hired excavator's weekend earthworks weren't too hampered by bad weather, the open trench and looming council inspection were tempting fate just a bit too much.

Even our plumber rang to ask if we wanted to reschedule after the first 20mm the night before. But the mountains of clay each side of the trench held up. The new sewer line was commissioned. The inspection went well and Build-It Bloke has begun backfilling the trench.

Although it's hard to tell from the picture, the trench is more than 1m deep and about 30cm wide ... which represents two very full days work.

Oh, and there's clay everywhere as it's been walked from the side of the house and onto every hard surface. Who needs high heels when even your gumboots can have clay platforms?