POD gardening groups

Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) are encouraging the start of gardening groups, called PODs, across the country (POD = Productive, Organic, Diverse). Visit their website to read more about the idea (and check out the other excellent content while you’re there, if you haven't visited before). They’ve obviously got quite a few subscribers to their (excellent) e-newsletter in Albury-Wodonga, because they have canvassed interest for starting a POD here. So far about 9 people have expressed interest, but I think some of the forms a POD group can take would be of interest to Permi8 people, Seed savers and others. So take a look, have a think and get in touch if you’d like to be part of the conversation when we get together to discuss it. (And yes, for the record, I reckon permi8 functions pretty much as they describe a POD group, already).