Film - Snow Gums to River Reds

I had a wonderful time catching up with lots of people at the launch of this film a couple of weeks ago. It's now available to view online.

It features locals' tales of, and reflections on, Eucalypts from Mt Kosciuszko to the Murray River at Albury. If you give it a whirl, you may recognise the Albury-based 'backyard beekeeper' adding her two cents to the mix, as well as some far more eminent local identities.

Snow Gums to River Reds from Slopes2Summit (S2S) on Vimeo.

What do you see when you see a gum tree? This is the central question in 'Snow Gums to River Reds' , a 25 minute film about the Eucalyptus species from Mount Kosciuszko to the Murray River around Albury, in New South Wales, Australia. The film has been produced by the Slopes2Summit (S2S) conservation partnership and Mosquito Productions. S2S is part of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER), Australia's largest conservation initiative spanning 3,600km along eastern Australia. The film was made possible through a financial gift form the Bjarne K Dahl Trust, a philanthropic body entirely committed to Eucalypt research, conservation, and community education. The film was completed in November 2012, and tells a story of a handful of the 30 or so Eucalypts found in the area, through the people who live and work along the route from Australia's highest peak to the banks of the Murray River.