Determined Jonquils

Despite having been run over by the excavator, buried, stepped on and generally treated very poorly, the Jonquils out the front have burst into bloom this week as if to say 'we're still here!'.

Elsewhere the garden is mostly in a holding pattern. The kiwi fruit vines out the back have suffered a little with recent frosts, so we're now covering them when chill is predicted. The sloping nature of the block and our raised beds, as well as our position high on the hill, mean we have a very protected microclimate when it comes to frost compared to many in the region.

Speaking of microclimates, the chillies on the front verandah are still producing, happily taking in any northern sun that's on offer and fully protected from any risk of frost.

As well as them, we're harvesting broccoli, silverbeet, parsley, asian greens, lettuce, spring onions and sugar snap peas.