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For the week to Monday 7 June

Maximum compost temp: 69.3 degrees
Rainfall in past week: 0 mm
Average town water use: 56 litres per person per day
Average electricity used per day: 3.1 kWh
Average electricity generated per day: 5.4 kWh
Cost of electricity for the week: -$13.35
(represents service fee and electricity used totalling $9.45, and income of $22.80 from the gross feed-in tariff)
Average gas use per day: 3 MJ
Highest indoor temp in last week: 24.8 degrees
Highest outdoor temp in last week: 21.7 degrees
Lowest indoor temp in last week: 15.0 degrees
Lowest outdoor temp in last week: 0.7 degrees
No. eggs laid last week: 0
Approx weight of green waste from neighbours for chooks, worms and/or compost last week: 1 kg
Petrol used in car: 11.6 litres
Percentage of car travel that was for work (excluding commute): 64%