Bonuses from Brian's renovations

There were winners all around after our friend Brian's renovations recently. You see Build-It Bloke's work contributed to a great outcome for Brian's reno (along with other clever tradies). In addition, our place has reaped the rewards - in a kind of flow-on effect way.

The straight-forward part was that we bought a sideboard Brian no longer had a need for (he's removed the wall it was up against and added built-in storage instead).

The bonus was that from the panelling, picture rails and doors that were no longer needed at Brian's, Build-It Bloke also made us a new storage cupboard and a partition wall in the back room (laundry).
It means a smarter and neater use of that fairly 'dead' space for us.

Here's a pic of the space. Usually it's full of stuff, and the fridge has been sitting against the wall on the right hand side.

After (not a great pic, sorry)Before

The features are the large cupboard (with a cavity for the sliding door to the kitchen which slides behind it), a partition wall, which will help protect the fridge from direct light and heat, and at the back the picture rail and some hooks have created out-of-view hanging space.

To top it all off, Build-It Bloke made a coat rack from some wood we'd already used for at least two other purposes previously, and re-used reo bar.

The back room doesn't know itself after all this.